About us

Marking a difference in Helicopter Airlines, Altitude Air Pvt.Ltd. is committed to the highest level of safety and performance! Comprising of veterans who have made a significant growth and contribution in the field of tourism and made Nepal proud, our team of highly qualified and experienced personnel is
our biggest pride and strength!

Our pilots, engineers and those in operations have extensive experience in flying helicopters in high altitudes, having conducted numerous rescue operations, as well as flying you for joy rides to the most exciting tour destinations!

With our Brand New, first class fleet of Airbuses – AS350B3e - 9N-AMS/9N-AMX, we are capable of combating the toughest mountainous terrains.

Our motto to ensure your safety and provide exceptional service runs deep in our sentiments and hearts!

Our Fleet

Ecureuil AS350B3e - H125

Proven for the rugged terrain of Nepal, our fleet consists of Airbus helicopter - Ecureuil AS350B3e - making us most efficient in ensuring your safety at all times. With exceptional service and high level of performance our core motto always to ensure your safety at all times.

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Meet our Team

Our team consists of expert pilots with extensive experience of flying helicopters in high altitude flights and rescue operations in mountainous terrains of Nepal.

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