Our Fleet

Proven for the rugged terrain of Nepal, our fleet consists of Airbus helicopter - Ecureuil AS350B3e - making us most efficient in ensuring your safety at all times.


At a glance

Max weight: 5,225 lbs.
Capacity: 1 pilot + 5/6 passengers
Powerplant: 1 Turbomeca Arriel 2D
Fast cruise: 137 kts.

General data

Empty weight of standard aircraft: 2,816 lbs.
Maximum takeoff weight: 5,225 lbs.
Useful load: 2,409 lbs.
Maximum takeoff weight (with external load): 6,172 lbs.
Usable fuel capacity (standard tank): 143 gal.
Powerplant: 1 Turbomeca Arriel 2D
Cabin volume: 105.94 cu. ft.
Baggage compartment volume: 35.3 cu.ft.

External dimensions

Overall length with blade in front: 42.4 ft.
Minimum width with all blades: 35.1 ft.
Overall width with blades folded: 8.3 ft.

*Performance data

Never exceed speed: 155 kts.
Fast cruise speed: 133 kts.
Maximum range (with no reserves): 336 nm.
Maximum endurance (with no reserves): 4.3 hrs.
Hover in ground effect ceiling (5 ft. skid height): 11,650 ft.
Hover out of ground effect ceiling: 9,450 ft.
Takeoff power: 847 shp.
Rate of climb: 1,773 fpm.
*Performance data is provided at Sea Level, ISA conditions, maximum gross weight, with standard fuel. It is not intended for flight planning purposes.

Client Feedback

  • Best in Business

    Thank you Altitude Ait Pvt. Ltd. for your servivce.

    -Marcelo Heli
    4 star rating

  • Highest standard of airmanship

    Altitude Air is a company based on the highest standard of Airmanship with highly skilled Professional Mountain Pilots.

    -Steven Bruce Bokán
    5 star rating

  • Great and comfortable flight

    Great and comfortable flight. Thank you Altitude Air PVT. LTD. for your assistance.

    -Tekendra Bashyal
    4 star rating

  • Great Team and Service

    Great team n service. Thank you altitude air. I am very happy with these air company.

    -Lhakpa Tamang Jangba
    5 star rating

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